Fear could weaken your capability

It seems like, worry, doubt and fear is a very common thing these days.
Many people tend to worry that this and that may happen. For example,
I think I fear and worry too much about my future. I just graduated from college,
so getting a job as a recent-graduate is hard. The fear does not help me at all.
It makes me lose confidence. A lot of people are worried about their future,
their financial situation, that their husband or wife may leave them,
that they may get ill, have a terrible accident…

I think that ,of course, fear is sometimes good to have in order to motivate
yourself to pull ahead. But, fearing a lot would distract your future.
You may give up before trying out something that you want in your life.

According to God’s 120 Guardian Angels on page 82, he says “FEAR wears many faces, Freedom from FEAR.”

– 28 –

Guardian Angel of FEAR

FEAR – can cripple
공포 – 는 심각한 손상을 줄수 있다

FEAR – the sirens go off
공포 – 싸이렌이 꺼지다

FEAR – crushes
공포 – 부딪히다

I am just the MESSENGER
나는 그저 메신저일뿐
I am not the culprit
난 범인이 아니다

Too little fear – and the defenses are down
너무 작은 공포 – 그리고 방어를 내려라
Too much fear – and paralysis sets in
너무 작은 공포 – 그리고 마비가 온다

but a touch of fear…
하지만 공포는…
can provide drive and energy and focus
구동, 에너지, 그리고 집중을 제공할수 있다

one must ride fear like a galloping stallion
누군가는 급속히 전진하는 승마같은 공포를 가져야 한다

and not be thrown by the horse…
말들에 의해 내 팽겨지는 것 말고…

FEAR wears many faces
공포는 나를 우울하게 한다
공포로 부터의 자유

If only we could get to that point
만약 우리가 그 포인트에 도달할수 있다면
I fear we never may
우리가 도달할수 없을까 두렵다
I try to TAME fear
나는 공포를 다스리도록 노력한다

To keep it in it’s cage
새장안에 두려고 노력한다

For, if let loose…
FEAR was surmounted at the Genesis point
공포는 기원의 포인트에서 극복된다

Fear of failure, death, disaster, embarrassment
실패, 죽음, 재앙, 민망함의 공포
Fear was trumped by HOPE
희망에의해 공포는 사라질수 있다

Tough Love

– 72 –

Guardian Angel of TOUGH LOVE

I am the Guardian Angel of TOUGH LOVE
나는 냉정한 사랑의 가디언 엔젤이다

now, my friends, we wish to produce gems
지금, 내 친구들, 우리는 보석을 생산하길 히망한다

multi-faceted gems, which sparkle
많은 면을 가진 보석, 빛이나는
now – and 75 years from now
지금 – 그리고 75년 후에
not princes and princesses – who will inevitably leave
예상대로 떠날 공주들 그리고 왕자들이 아닌
pain and destruction in their wakes
그들의 깨어남에서의 고통과 파괴

kindly do not live under any illusion that pampering will
애지중지 하는 환상속에서 살지 않는다면
produce a good result
좋은 결과를 만들것이다

and no physical please, no trauma
그리고 신체적이지 않는, 정신적이지 않는
nice and gentle – but firm
좋은 – 그러나 확실한
gentle and firm – until you drop
부드럽고 확실한 – 우리가 떨어트릴때까지

and, as an aside, please send correct signals vis-a-vis
그리고, 제발 적절한 싸인을 보내라

생활 수준

try not to mess up, please
망가뜨리려 하지 말아라, 제발

and lead by example, please
예를 따라가라, 제발
and most definitely do not come crying to me later
확실한건 나중에 나가에 울러 오지말아라

I really, truly will not be receptive
나는 정말로, 진심으로 수용적이지 않을것이다

you have been clearly alerted and forewarned
너는 충분히 미리 경고 받았다
go now… here come the kids… nice, firm, and gentle,
어서 가라… 여기 아이들이 온다… 좋고, 확실하며, 부드러운,

Listen like a baby

Listening! How well you listen has a significant influence on your life.
It could lead you to become aware of your existence. I definitely agree
that listening to others even to yourself is not an easy thing. In fact
most of the time, I think that I remember probably 40 to 50 percent of
what I hear. This means that when I talk to my boss, co-workers, customers,
friends and family for 30 minutes, I only pay attention to less than half
of the conversation. I often ask people the same question that I asked before.
After getting the answer from the people, I realize that I heard that before.
I am sure many of you are as same as me.

According to God’s 120 Guardian Angels on page 125, “listen like a baby –
with the sensory gates wide open – and you will be rewarded with extraordinary
treasure…” I think that listening is a skill that we can all improve.
Like Birnbaum said, “just listen,” then you will receive extraordinary treasure;
improving your productivity and ability to influence, persuade, and negotiate.

– 73a –

Guardian Angle of AWARENESS (half-brother of SENSITIVITY)


just listen
단지 들어라

listen like a baby – with the sensory gates wide open –
아기처럼 들어라 – 감각의 문을 활짝 열고 –
and you will be rewarded with extraordinary treasure…
그러면 너는 거대한 상을 받을 것이다…

allow your entire system to listen,
너의 모든 시스템이 듣도록 해라,
to hear what is being said
뭐라고 말하는지 듣기위해
hear what they are TRYING to say
그들이 뭐라고 말하려 하는지 듣기위해

then hear what your own system is saying
그리고 너 자신의 시스템이 뭐라 말하는지 들아라
hear what your body is saying
너의 몸이 말하는것을 들어라
hear what your emotions are saying
너늬 감정들이 말하는것을 들어라

listen – and you will prevail
들어라 – 그리고 너는 만연할 것이다

listen – and the world is yours
들어라 – 그러면 세상은 너희들 것이다

Reaching a far away land

– 82 –


add a little spice to your life drama
너의 인생에 약간의 양념을 더해라
see how the other half lives
그리고 다른반쪽이 어떻게 사는지 봐라
see how we’ve done in the other districts
다른 구역에서 우리가 어떻게 했는지 봐라
visit your 35th-cousins
너의 35번째 친척들을 방문해라
get a move on break that inertia
make it happen
이것이 일어나도록 해라
bring a good digital
좋은 디지털을 가져와라
but what is happening in this picture?
하지만 무엇이 이 그림에서 일어나는가?
probably more than the author realizes…
아마 그 작가가 깨닫는것 보다 더…

Escape and be free

I think freedom is an important matter because it helps to increase expressions of creativity and original thought,
a fertile mind, and an overall high quality of life. You would be controlled without freedom. For example, your
mind and speech will be controlled. People should express themselves and find their way in life to be happier.
Also, long time ago our ancestors sacrificed themselves to gain freedom for the future generations of their families.
We should not forget what they achieved, but respect and follow in their footsteps.

According to God’s 120 Guardian Angles on page 135, it describes how important escape is. I think that to be free
we should escape from “tyranny, persecution, tormentors, checkmate, quagmire and void” as if Birnbaum said.

– 86 –

Guardian Angel of ESCAPE

escape from tyranny!
escape from persecution!
escape from tormentors

escape from checkmate!
escape from a quagmire!

escape from the void!

trust me, it wasn’t easy

The Assassin

– 84 –

Guardian Angel of THE ASSASSIN

I change the course of history –
나는 역사를 바군다
instantaneously all bets are off
즉각적으로 모든 내기는 끝난다
do not be smug
의기양양해 하지 말아라
you cannot stop me – if I am prepared to die
너는 나를 멈출수 없다 – 만약 내가 죽길 준비했다면
and I AM prepared to die
나는 죽는걸 각오한다

I have but one raison d’être
나는 그럴만한 이유가있다
to smite with one stroke
한획을 그을수 있는

I am a guided missile
나는 가이드가 안내하는 미사일이다
and I will wreck the best-laid plans
그리고 나는 최고의 계획을 강타 할 것 있다
and best-laid kingdoms
그리고 최고의 왕국
and best-laid tyrannies
그리고 최고의 압제

but, trust me,
하지만, 나를 믿어라,
I’m not all that picky
나는 그리 까다롭지 않다

Life in the iron mill

People work hard for their families. Yes, in Asia, parents work very hard to afford a good college for their kids. They do everything they can do to support their children. I am very thankful to my parents. According to Birnbaum, he says on page 112  that “we just want to provide for our families.” Parents are unconditionally working for their families.

                                 – 58 –

Guardian Angel of IRON MILL WORKERS

we work
우리는 일한다
long, long hours
in harsh conditions and often-extreme heat
어려운 환경과 아주 더운 열 속에서
in considerable danger
꽤 위험한공간에서

we just want to provide for our families
우리는 단지 우리의 가족을 위해 일한다
we give it our best
우리는 최선을 다한다

just like our fathers before us did
우리가 그러기전 우리 아버지들이 그랬던것 처럼
day after day
year after year

hoping that we do not see that dreaded pink slip
해고 통지서를 받지 안기를 희망한다

pass me that beer, will ya’
그 맥주를 줘라, 그렇게 하겟냐’