How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

A definition of gratitude is being thankful, appreciating your blessings, and realizing austere pleasures in your life. Gratitude helps you to improve what you lack of and change discontent you have in your life. Sometimes people tend to forget how grateful their lives are. If something bad happens, they may think that it’s the end of the world. However, if we think that failure as an opportunity to start and try again, and learn from what your mistakes , then I believe that it will improve your health and relieve your stress. Negatives thoughts give you stress and is not good for you mentally and physically. Birnbaum on page 56 explains giving gratitude to the people that you love and care about will galvanize yourself and the people around you into a lively life.

Try to notice and appreciate what you already have. I sometimes say to myself that I am very thankful that I can walk, I can see, and I can hear. These little things that actually people take for granted will make you happy depending on the way of how you think about them. You should practice how to be grateful. It may sound absurd to think about practicing the gratitude exercise, but I believe that it will help those who never really thought about small happiness in their lives. You should begin looking for joy in the small things; such as getting a free donut and coffee at work from your colleague at work, and waking up early in the morning so that you could take some time to read a book and newspaper before going to school or work.

We should remember that when things don’t go the way you expect or the way you want, try to take benefit from it, and try to be better next time.

고마움에대한 정의는 감사해하고, 당신의 축복에 대해 감사하고 당신의 삶에서의 사소한 행복을 깨닫는것이다. 고마움은 당신이 부족한점이나 당신이 항상 불만을 가지고있는것을 향상 시키는데 도움이 된다. 사람들은 자신의 삶이 얼마나 감사한지 종종 까먹는다. 만약 나쁜일이 생긴다면 사람들은 대부분 삶의 끝이라고 생각한다. 하지만, 만약  그 나쁜일을 새로운 기회로 생각하고 다시 시도하려고 하면, 당신의 삶은 정말 바뀔것이다. 범바움은 페이지 56쪽에 당신이 사랑 하고, 생각하는 사람들에게 고마움을 주는것은 행복한일이라고 표현한다 .

당신이 이미 가지고 있는것에 대해 만족해하고 고마워 하기 시작해봐라. 나는 가끔 나스스로에게 내가 걸을수있고 볼수 있고 들을수 있는것에 감사해한다. 이러한 작은 감사들이 당신을 행복하게 해준다. 당신은 고마워하는것을 연습해야한다. 당신들은 이런것을 연습해야 한다는것에 대해  우스워 할수도 있지만, 감사하는것에대해 몸에 베워 있으면, 노력하고 의식하지 안아도, 당신의 작은 것에대한 행복을 느낄수 있을 것이다. 예를들어, 회사에서 직장 동료가 당신에게 커피나 도넛을 사다 준다는 소소한 일, 또는 아침에 일찍일어나게 되었다는것조차도…

Guardian Angel of GRATITUDE

I am the guardian angel of “Modeh Ani”
The gentlest of prayers
The prayer children are taught first
The prayer adults do not take all that seriously
They should.

I am the prayer of Gratitude

I am the angel of Thanksgiving
Thanks Giving every moment

And Gratitude, of course, suffuses the soul
with cosmic energy
And Gratitude, of course,
wraps us in a meataphysical shield

Gratitude that each and every one of us is at the
epicenter of the cosmos
Gratitude that Life Force flows through each of us
tracking forward to the ends of time

And tracking back to the Genesis point
And perhaps these points converge

Gratitude that we are the recipients of love,
and gratitude that we can give love

Gratitude for each and every peon who loves us –
even a bit,

And gratitude for each and every person who we love
even a bit

Gratitude that we are Cosmic Guardians of love and
Gratitude that we have arisen for another day
representing a microcosm of a lifetime – of LIFE

Gratitude for the richness and variety of creation’s
Gratitude, with its implicit theme of Wonderment,
is a “magic vitamin”

It infuses our being with cosmic energy

And rightfully so
Gratitude – given with love –
opens a doorway to greater potentail