Escape and be free

I think freedom is an important matter because it helps to increase expressions of creativity and original thought,
a fertile mind, and an overall high quality of life. You would be controlled without freedom. For example, your
mind and speech will be controlled. People should express themselves and find their way in life to be happier.
Also, long time ago our ancestors sacrificed themselves to gain freedom for the future generations of their families.
We should not forget what they achieved, but respect and follow in their footsteps.

According to God’s 120 Guardian Angles on page 135, it describes how important escape is. I think that to be free
we should escape from “tyranny, persecution, tormentors, checkmate, quagmire and void” as if Birnbaum said.

– 86 –

Guardian Angel of ESCAPE

escape from tyranny!
escape from persecution!
escape from tormentors

escape from checkmate!
escape from a quagmire!

escape from the void!

trust me, it wasn’t easy