Fear could weaken your capability

It seems like, worry, doubt and fear is a very common thing these days.
Many people tend to worry that this and that may happen. For example,
I think I fear and worry too much about my future. I just graduated from college,
so getting a job as a recent-graduate is hard. The fear does not help me at all.
It makes me lose confidence. A lot of people are worried about their future,
their financial situation, that their husband or wife may leave them,
that they may get ill, have a terrible accident…

I think that ,of course, fear is sometimes good to have in order to motivate
yourself to pull ahead. But, fearing a lot would distract your future.
You may give up before trying out something that you want in your life.

According to God’s 120 Guardian Angels on page 82, he says “FEAR wears many faces, Freedom from FEAR.”

– 28 –

Guardian Angel of FEAR

FEAR – can cripple
공포 – 는 심각한 손상을 줄수 있다

FEAR – the sirens go off
공포 – 싸이렌이 꺼지다

FEAR – crushes
공포 – 부딪히다

I am just the MESSENGER
나는 그저 메신저일뿐
I am not the culprit
난 범인이 아니다

Too little fear – and the defenses are down
너무 작은 공포 – 그리고 방어를 내려라
Too much fear – and paralysis sets in
너무 작은 공포 – 그리고 마비가 온다

but a touch of fear…
하지만 공포는…
can provide drive and energy and focus
구동, 에너지, 그리고 집중을 제공할수 있다

one must ride fear like a galloping stallion
누군가는 급속히 전진하는 승마같은 공포를 가져야 한다

and not be thrown by the horse…
말들에 의해 내 팽겨지는 것 말고…

FEAR wears many faces
공포는 나를 우울하게 한다
공포로 부터의 자유

If only we could get to that point
만약 우리가 그 포인트에 도달할수 있다면
I fear we never may
우리가 도달할수 없을까 두렵다
I try to TAME fear
나는 공포를 다스리도록 노력한다

To keep it in it’s cage
새장안에 두려고 노력한다

For, if let loose…
FEAR was surmounted at the Genesis point
공포는 기원의 포인트에서 극복된다

Fear of failure, death, disaster, embarrassment
실패, 죽음, 재앙, 민망함의 공포
Fear was trumped by HOPE
희망에의해 공포는 사라질수 있다