Quest for Potential / on Multiple Levels

Very interesting question received 8/14:

Dear David Birnbaum,

You conclude that life is simply a quest for potential.

My question is, is it ever possible to attain or “grasp”  this potential?

If it is possible to “grasp” potential which i would understand to be a form of energy can you then apply this energy to a situation and change its course? When energy is applied to matter it is expected that there would be an effect relative to the amount and direction of the applied  force, Newton’s laws of motion should hold even in metaphysics.

I look forward to your answer.

With kind regards

Prof. Mary K



My Response to Prof. Mary K:

A) Note that the stripped-down ‘Monarch Notes’ version is laid-out across the last  4-5 panels of the ScrollDown

But, the Monarch Notes on the Monarch Notes would be that ultimate EXTRAORDINARIATION (the end-goal of Quest for Potential) is a goal to be  approached hopefully ever-increasingly closer.

B) But, related to your questions/queries below – one can indeed jiu jitsu negative energy into positive energy.

It requires ‘training’ your system to do so. (I do it.)

C) Furthermore, we all suspect the phenomena that if you focus on an objective and  then take pro-active steps in that direction, often the path  becomes increasingly easier

D) Furthermore Q4P (and Metaphysics) is hypothesized to be overarching.

Thus, Newtonian laws operate within that framework, not vice versa

BUT, more on-point to your question.

It is possible that Metaphysical laws mimic Newtonian laws – and vice versa – but it is beyond my ken

E) You are energized  by Q4P; it drives you forward.