Life in the iron mill

People work hard for their families. Yes, in Asia, parents work very hard to afford a good college for their kids. They do everything they can do to support their children. I am very thankful to my parents. According to Birnbaum, he says on page 112  that “we just want to provide for our families.” Parents are unconditionally working for their families.

                                 – 58 –

Guardian Angel of IRON MILL WORKERS

we work
우리는 일한다
long, long hours
in harsh conditions and often-extreme heat
어려운 환경과 아주 더운 열 속에서
in considerable danger
꽤 위험한공간에서

we just want to provide for our families
우리는 단지 우리의 가족을 위해 일한다
we give it our best
우리는 최선을 다한다

just like our fathers before us did
우리가 그러기전 우리 아버지들이 그랬던것 처럼
day after day
year after year

hoping that we do not see that dreaded pink slip
해고 통지서를 받지 안기를 희망한다

pass me that beer, will ya’
그 맥주를 줘라, 그렇게 하겟냐’