Listen like a baby

Listening! How well you listen has a significant influence on your life.
It could lead you to become aware of your existence. I definitely agree
that listening to others even to yourself is not an easy thing. In fact
most of the time, I think that I remember probably 40 to 50 percent of
what I hear. This means that when I talk to my boss, co-workers, customers,
friends and family for 30 minutes, I only pay attention to less than half
of the conversation. I often ask people the same question that I asked before.
After getting the answer from the people, I realize that I heard that before.
I am sure many of you are as same as me.

According to God’s 120 Guardian Angels on page 125, “listen like a baby –
with the sensory gates wide open – and you will be rewarded with extraordinary
treasure…” I think that listening is a skill that we can all improve.
Like Birnbaum said, “just listen,” then you will receive extraordinary treasure;
improving your productivity and ability to influence, persuade, and negotiate.

– 73a –

Guardian Angle of AWARENESS (half-brother of SENSITIVITY)


just listen
단지 들어라

listen like a baby – with the sensory gates wide open –
아기처럼 들어라 – 감각의 문을 활짝 열고 –
and you will be rewarded with extraordinary treasure…
그러면 너는 거대한 상을 받을 것이다…

allow your entire system to listen,
너의 모든 시스템이 듣도록 해라,
to hear what is being said
뭐라고 말하는지 듣기위해
hear what they are TRYING to say
그들이 뭐라고 말하려 하는지 듣기위해

then hear what your own system is saying
그리고 너 자신의 시스템이 뭐라 말하는지 들아라
hear what your body is saying
너의 몸이 말하는것을 들어라
hear what your emotions are saying
너늬 감정들이 말하는것을 들어라

listen – and you will prevail
들어라 – 그리고 너는 만연할 것이다

listen – and the world is yours
들어라 – 그러면 세상은 너희들 것이다