Summa trailer: Birnbaum metaphysics encapsulation


Summa Metaphysica


Cosmic Womb of Potential

Summa trailer: Birnbaum metaphysics encapsulation

In the void of voids,

there was only Potential/Possibility

– an eternal dynamic

Morphing-into and coursing-through the metaphysical

Cosmic Womb of Potential

Its goals…

short-term:                Traction

Intermediate:          A panoply of Potential

ultimate:                   Extraordinariation

The equations of mathematics and physics would come early-on

In turn, the broader array of equations would radiate outwards.

In turn, seeking/yearning-for –

Expression, Reality, Feeling, Emotion

Life  Hope  Dreams  Consciousness  Love  Drama  et al.

 But, first a universe was needed…

And only ‘0’ existed as a possible bridge to reality…

But, that would suffice.

The equations – driven by Infinite Divine Potential –

would conspire/collaborate

to split ‘0’

– and unleash its possibly infinite Potential

So, a few billion years before Einstein et al. would split the atom

and unleash the atom bomb…

the equations would collaborate to split ‘0’

– the potential Cosmic PORTAL

Metaphysical > Physical

and unleash the universe…

The frequencies and the dials were very exquisitely calibrated

–  to the now-iconic very-finely-tuned “Goldilocks Constants

The Countdown…  The Launch

The Genesis Point

aka The (very) Big Bang.

Splitting ‘0’ into

Positives and Negatives

Female and Male

Good and Evil

Positive & Negative energy

Regular & Dark matter

Potential would reign supreme.

To the spiritual, this Potential is the Metaphysical God of Potential:

Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh: 

I Will Be That Which I Will Be (Book of Exodus 3:14)

The Infinite Divine. Shadai. The Source. Holy Quest for Potential

The kabbalistic En Sof (‘The No-End’)

See also Anima mundi – the ‘world soul’ – in Plato (Timaeus 29/30) et al.

Secular or Holy

the grand cosmic journey / exploration / odyssey

advances-onward to this day

With Freedom – integral to Potential – being axiomatically inviolate.

And Potential leading and integrating the cosmic advance







Impacting all / All-embracing.

With neo-Darwinism as well as Intelligent Design being components…

Quest for Potential ( Q4P)

Quest for Potential ( Potential ( Potential   ad infinitum

Invisible, yet simultaneously in full-view

Hiding in plain sight / Beneath-the-radar

Smooth Operator

And we are all integral-to this mysterious Quest For Potential

Itself an integrated Infinitely nested Unity – encompassing all

…. On a journey towards Extraordinariation

Advancing-through the sundry storms….

Life. Death                            Dreams. Defeat                  Re-birth. Destruction

Birth. Genocide                   Respect. Defamation       Venerated. Terrorized

Glory. Humiliation              Loyalty. Betrayal               Breakthrough. Heartbreak

Mercy. Sadism                     Gentleness. Abuse             Unconquered. Defiled

Pinnacle. Tears                     Hope. Pain                           Triumph. Despair

Quest for Potential – on an eternal cosmic explorer expedition

probing and searching for (elusive) ultimate –

meaning….destiny…fulfillment….consciousness….harmony… beauty…grandeur….elegance….artistry… love…. spirituality… perfection….humanitarianism….altruism

…the elusive Extraordinariation

– a goal to be approached – like Infinity – even inexorably and indefatigably – but alas, destined to never quite be fully realized……..